Why is my dog doing this? Demystifying the six confusing behaviors of dogs

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

When talking to the dog, the dog always tilts its head. This is not because the dog is acting cute.

We know that dogs' ears are very sensitive, and sensitivity means that there will be different sounds in their ears. When we talk to the dog, in order to know the location of the sound and hear what the owner said clearly, the dog will keep tilting his head to determine it.
What if you ask me to eat?
However, if the dog often tilts its head and scratches its ears constantly, dog owners should look at the dog's ears and check whether any unknown objects have entered the dog's ears? Is there any redness and inflammation? Is it because there are mites in the dog's ears, and have they been cleaned in time?

Dog rubs butt slide on ground

Sometimes we will see dogs sliding on the ground and think it is dogs playing on the floor. We must pay attention to this. Under normal circumstances, dogs will not make such movements.
After making such an action, the dog owner should check the dog's butt as soon as possible.
The first situation: there is a foreign object on the dog's buttocks. The dog may accidentally get something on it while playing, and wants to let the foreign object fall by sliding. The owner needs to clean up the dog in time.
The second situation: the dog is infected with parasites, and there will be itching and pain near the anus, and the dog scratches it by rubbing.
(Remember to deworm the dog on time, both internal and external deworming must be done)
The third situation: It may be that the anus of the dog is uncomfortable, and it is relieving the discomfort of the anus. The anal glands have not been cleaned, remember to clean the anal glands for the dog at this time.
Anal glands: play the role of secreting glands to lubricate the feces and help the dog's feces to be discharged smoothly.

Dog barking into the air

When I fell asleep at night, the dog suddenly barked into the air. Does the dog owner feel scared at this time?
Don't panic, don't panic!
First of all, we know that dogs have very sensitive hearing and can hear sounds that we humans cannot hear. At the same time, the dog's sense of smell is also very sensitive. Otherwise, why can the dog judge the location at the first time when the owner is eating snacks.
Master, are you eating behind my back again! 

Dogs are not only very sensitive to hearing and smell, but also have good visual performance.
But dogs are myopic. Under static conditions, ordinary dogs can see within 50 meters.
The dog's night vision and motion capture ability make up for this deficiency, so this is why dogs can also catch prey at night.
hearing + smell + vision
So dogs can perceive things that we humans can't.
It may be that the dog heard the sound he was interested in, and there was a strange sound outside the building, maybe a mouse came out! !
The dog smells something delicious, it smells so good, master, I am hungry, hungry! ! !
If the dog sees strange creatures, such as cockroaches, mice, thieves, etc., remind the owners again! !

Dogs love sniffing each other's butts

Are the dog owners very confused, when you take your dog out for a walk, you can always see the scene of two dogs sniffing each other's buttocks. Is this blatant hooliganism in a public place?

This is a dog’s way of socializing. A dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive. By smelling the other dog’s butt, you can know the other’s gender, age and other information, helping the dog judge whether the other party is an enemy or a friend, and then decide whether to go together. play.
Although this special way of socializing is a bit strange, it is much more efficient than chatting.

The dog owner goes to the toilet, and the dog guards the door

Do dog owners encounter this kind of situation, take a tissue and rush into the bathroom, and when they go out, they find that the dog is guarding the door, waiting for you to go out.
Is this because dogs like the smell of their owners going to the bathroom?

Dogs don't like your smell, they guard you at the door because they are worried about your safety.
Because dogs have a very strong sense of territory, when they defecate, their defense will drop, and they will be easily attacked by other dogs and their territory will be occupied. They are afraid that the owner will also have this situation, in order to protect the safety of the owner. Dogs will guard the door.

Dog peeing upside down

Dog owners who have small dogs, is it strange when they are walking their dogs outside? Sometimes the dogs insist on peeing upside down. The embarrassed owner just wants to say that this is not my dog.

First of all, we know that dogs will leave their own scent by peeing, marking it as their own territory, indicating that this place is mine.
When dog owners go out to walk their dogs, they will definitely encounter large dogs. At this time, small dogs can’t beat large dogs. They pee standing up and don’t urinate very high. How can I let the big dogs know that this place belongs to me? Woolen cloth?
Of course it's upside down peeing! This way the scope is bigger. It can also let other small dogs know that this place belongs to large dogs, so they won't come to occupy the territory.