Top 10 Ranking of Most Loyal Dogs in the World

Everyone knows that there are so many breeds of dogs, and there are more than 400 existing ones.
So among so many breeds, who will be the most loyal? Some organizations have selected the top 10 loyal dogs based on canine research and a large number of votes.

No.10 - Papillon

The most special feature of the Papillon is its pair of eye-catching big ears and its petite figure, so it is loved by many girls. Papillon dogs have a "monopolistic" mentality towards their owners. They hope to get all the care from their owners, and they are also very enthusiastic, docile and loyal to their owners.

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No.9 - Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is very warm to both the owner and the guests, as if he could be taken away at any time. However, friendliness does not mean betrayal. Golden retrievers are still very loyal to their owners. Many golden retrievers will go on hunger strike without their owners. If the Golden Retriever is trained, the loyalty and obedience will be very high.

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No.8 - Labrador

Labradors are by far the most popular and trusted family dogs. Labradors seldom bark in life. They have a cheerful personality and are very friendly to the elderly, children and strangers. It is precisely because of these characteristics that they become the first choice for working dogs. Like the Golden Retriever, although the Labrador is playful, he is still very loyal to his owner.

No.7 - Scottish Shepherd Dog

Extremely intelligent, the Scottish Shepherd Dog is a good-natured, approachable, intelligent and sensitive dog that responds well to gentle obedience training and is willing to please its master. The Scottish Sheepdog is very spiritual, its mood will change with the owner's joys, sorrows and joys, and its obedience and loyalty to the owner is the biggest expression of Su Mu's character.

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No.6 - Tibetan Mastiff

The IQ of the Tibetan Mastiff ranks poorly in the dog world, and it is more like a mighty "bodyguard". But this big man is domineering and noble. He only recognizes one master in his life. He is very loyal to his master and is a good housekeeper.

No.5 - Doberman pinscher

The first impression of the Doberman pinscher's size and appearance is that it is very serious and makes people afraid to approach it. In the early days, a large number of Doberman pinschers were trained as army and police dogs. Whether as police dogs or pet dogs, Doberman pinschers enjoy high praise. And it has a high IQ and is very loyal to its master.

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No.4 - Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular police dogs and military dogs in the world. After training, it can become an excellent family guard dog. Rottweiler is smart and cautious, energetic, stable and full of self-confidence, and most importantly, very loyal. It always gives people the feeling of being brave and powerful, and his calm majesty makes strangers flinch when they see it. In terms of protecting its master, the Rottweiler does its part.

No.3 - German Shepherd

German shepherds are now mostly used as police dogs, anti-drug dogs, guide dogs, and are also very popular family companion dogs. The character of the German Shepherd is relatively docile and kind. It has very keen senses and strong tracking ability. It is absolutely obedient and loyal to its owner.

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No.2 - Akita dog

Akita Inu is calm, confident, docile, easy to train, loyal to its owner and family, and has a very stable personality. In Japan, it is used as a fire guard dog, and now it has become a popular family dog all over the world. Akita dogs are very loyal to their masters. The movie "The Faithful Dog Hachiko" well interprets its good qualities, and it is through this movie that many people have a good impression of Akita.


No.1 - Chinese Pastoral Dog

Specifically, this is not a dog breed, but a general term for many dogs in China.
The "earth dog" that people often say is a breed of dog that has been selected by nature and man-made for thousands of years. They are perfectly adapted to the land, lively and loyal to the Lord; they eat what they are given, are easy to raise, and rarely get sick.

In fact, no matter what kind of dog it is, it is dedicated to its owner. As owners, we should take good care of them. The affection cannot be let down, not to mention this little cutie with eyes full of you?

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