How many dogs burn down homes every year?

According to reports, a while ago, the "Daily Mail" reported an arson case with a loss of up to 60,000 US dollars.

According to Danielle, the owner of the property, the fire lasted 20 minutes and by the time firefighters arrived, the house had been completely burnt down.
After investigation by relevant departments, it was found that the man behind the scenes was not Daniel's enemy, but her ten-month-old French fighter, Archie.

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Daily Mail: 10-month-old puppy Archie orders house

"The tool of crime is a Bic lighter. I don't know how it does it. I can't even imagine how its dog's paws precisely pressed the button." "Unless someone tells me that it is an ordinary smoker." Thankfully, the arsonist escaped the fire unscathed, while not being blamed by his owner. "I'm glad he's okay, it could have been worse." "I think it's time, I mean teach him how to use a lighter safely."

Some say that having a dog is all about being ready for everything, like picking up endless waste or fixing chewed-out furniture. But no one must have told you that you still need to prepare a down payment on a house. "I'd rather it shoot and break my ribs."Some dogs can still protect themselves wisely after arson, and some dogs take half their lives before setting fire. In this situation, huskies are indeed the first to bear the brunt.
Four-year-old Yuri not only blew up the family home in West Santa Rosa, but nearly killed himself.

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The explosion and burning caused thick smoke in the house, and it was only after the firefighters arrived that they tried their best to rescue the 40-pound Erha. When the family was anxious about Yuri's life and death, the firefighters discovered through home surveillance that it was a conspiracy of thieves shouting "stop the thief".
"As he jumped up, he opened a gas stove knob with his front paws," the firefighter said. "It's not clear what his plan was, but to comfort the victims, I can only tell them it was for a pancake." The fire caused about $100,000 in damage to the home, and the fire displaced the family, who hoped they would stay calm knowing the truth.

According to the Inside Edition report, at least 40,000 pets die in house fires every year, and thousands of them are caused by pet arson. In the United States alone, there are about 700 pet arsons every year.
Pro tip: Just because your pet isn't actually trying to burn down your house right now doesn't mean they don't have plans.

Sometimes an opportunity can be just a slice of pizza.

So, never skimp on that slice of pizza that you can't eat. Brooke's owner left the leftover pizza on the stove, as usual, and Brooke retaliated. It slipped into the kitchen and made a beeline for the pizza left on the stove. And the result was the same, it got nothing. But before leaving, it turned on the switch of the gas stove and walked out of the kitchen.

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Don't laugh, there is a saying in conspiracy theory that only the beneficiary knows the truth. In contrast to this fire, its pizza has no chance to fall into the owner's mouth after all, and the truth may also be in its claws. A grumpy and ruthless character with a lot of dogs.
They have a way of making you feel bad even when you turn off the gas range. This isn't the first time a dog has managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible, let's not forget the dog who drove nearly an hour in Florida just a few weeks ago.

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"Obviously this was a bizarre incident involving a dog, but it could have been more serious," said Collingham Fire Service duty manager Jeff Wheeler. "We don't know dogs that well sometimes, so to avoid such incidents, make sure you don't leave food in a dangerous area that could cause trouble." Maybe then, you can have a safer home.
Of course, you can also choose to buy a suite. But everything has two sides. No matter how ruffian it is, the instinct of looking after the house has never been lost.

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